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Why Outsource Your Help Desk?

Expert service provided by certified IT professionals

Modern dealer networks are reliant on a large number of different IT systems in order to cope with their day-to-day business. As well as systems of their own, dealers also have to utilise a wide range of central solutions belonging to the manufacturer. This means that, when problems arise, the dealers are forced to communicate with a wide circle of contacts, and the manufacturers themselves have to maintain a group of experts to provide support to their dealer network.

A more efficient approach is to use a help desk as a single point of contact (SPOC) for dealers. Take advantage of our international help desk to provide expert support to dealers who use your IT solutions. At the current time, we are providing first-level and second-level support to more than 50 countries and in 20 European languages. Our qualified teams deliver top-quality support and are able to exploit a tried-and-tested infrastructure. We provide ongoing training for our staff in the form of in-house and external courses, such as certification programs from leading software and hardware vendors. If necessary, we can also integrate your own expert staff into our support structure so that they can continue to act as contact partners for system users.
But we can provide you with a lot more than just help desk services:

Concentrate on your core business, ease the strain on your resources, and cut your costs. As a full-service provider, we are able to act as a direct point of contact for your customers as well as delivering classical help desk services. In addition to enjoying our help desk support for a solution, you can also choose to take advantage of the following services:

  • Marketing and sales support
  • DVD production and distribution
  • Billing services tailored to your requirements
  • Execution of inbound and outbound campaigns
  • Translation services
  • Training courses for your products


Advanced Help Desk Infrastructure

Modern technology is of enormous help to support teams and also brings huge benefits to users. The use of 00800 freephone numbers (across Europe) is clearly advantageous for dealers. Thanks to automatic call distribution (ACD) functionality, our system detects the country from which a particular call originates and forwards it to the correct team member. Our staff use a ticket system to document requests and track their progress. This ticket system also features a reporting function that is able to output data on the quality of our international customer service. The solutions to all the service requests we deal with are stored in an internal knowledge repository. This database is kept constantly up-to-date and can be quickly accessed by our staff.
Advanced IT Helpdesk Infrastructure

The result of all this is satisfied customers – and satisfaction is the benchmark for successful customer service. A volume of over 4,500 tickets per month and an average “total first time fix rate” of 98% are figures that speak for themselves.